Chris Schmidt’s MBA Portfolio


The purpose of this portfolio is to reflect upon my growth as a business leader through a selection of work that contributes to my completion of Bethel’s MBA outcomes and confirms my abilities as a business leader. A successful portfolio will display my understanding and application of leadership and business concepts at a level that satisfies Bethel University’s assessment committee and serves as a reference to those examining my abilities as I pursue professional advancement opportunities.

The following portfolio is structured with a menu containing tabs for the ten desired outcomes of the master program, the artifacts used to fulfill the outcomes, a conclusion statement, and a bio page. Each outcome page includes a reflection examining my fulfillment of the specific outcome. The outcome pages also include blue links to one or more thoughtfully selected artifacts described in the reflection.

Single artifacts may be used for multiple outcomes however I tried to use one unique artifact in every outcome. I consider it more important to analyze and reflect on the variety of perspectives used in satisfying one objective rather than focusing on a single artifact’s ability to satisfy multiple objectives.

Reflective statements will serve as an explanation of an artifact’s contribution to the fruition of an outcome. This can be done in multiple ways including;  (a) reflection on professional growth, (b) reflection on personal growth, and (c) assessment of the learning experience and future applications.

Thank you for your interest in my portfolio

– Chris Schmidt –

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